Food supplements are more and more frequently part of the habits of people who are keen to maintain their well-being.

The market is full of products of various kinds, but many of them do not give a real guarantee of quality like those that are issued directly from the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Pharmaceutical supply chain means quality supply , it means expert analysis in the composition of each individual supplement and in the selection of components, it means products guaranteed

and certified with European GMP (Good Manufacture Practice).

SEI HEALTH offers its Customers a range of innovative products bearing the high scientific and qualitative standards of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

This is why SEI HEALTH, paying the maximum attention to the selection and control of raw materials, guarantees safe, effective products with a very high quality profile.


The SEI HEALTH line is made up of innovative, extremely effective supplements in gel formulation.

This formulation, based on water, guar and xanthan, guarantees a natural intake of nutrients.

These nutrients , carried in suspension or dissolved in the gel matrix, reach the intestine after a quick passage in the stomach and from there are directly transferred to the metabolism.


The matrix itself is a vegan compound which helps intestinal peristalsis as a non-digestible fiber.

We should remember that capsule or tablet formulations usually have a very high dispersion rate through the various steps so that the absorption rate of the components is often less than 15-20%.

On the other end the GEL formulation conveys the components with a much lower dispersion rate , bringing availability close to 80%.


All SEI HEALTH products are perfectly digestible and well tolerated and they do not contain gluten or lactose. In addition to this the fruit taste formulation without sweeteners and preservatives allows a pleasant use without contraindications.

The selection of innovative high quality components and the high absorption rate due to the

gelling technology, are the prerequisite through which the SEI HEALTH line of food supplements

ensures a positive effect on people's well-being.


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